How Technology Paves a New Way on Assisted Living

Technology plays a significant role in our lives today. Not just it helped make our everyday lives easier, but also for those people that reside in an assisted living community especially seniors. While assisted living homes already make life easier for them by the help of the people behind it, technology made it even more accessible and easier. There are four ways how technology created an impact for these communities, such as:

  1. Telemedicine

  • Who wants to pay and travel all the way to the doctor’s office just to get a simple check-up? If you’re a senior, the answer is probably “no”. But thanks to medical advances, the Telemedicine is born. With Telemedicine, patients in an assisted living community can have easy access to healthcare without the need to go outside. Doctors can also visit their patient’s home thru Telemedicine.
  1. Personal Care Devices

  • Personal care devices consist of many things, and one of these things are robots. Personal care robots can do a variety of tasks like lifting, bathing, and mobility assistance. This piece of tech is essential for those living in an assisted environment especially when caretakers are unavailable. Another personal care device are sensors which can detect a person’s well-being. These kind of devices are programmed to detect falls and even changes to your body such as blood pressure or sugar level changes.
  1. Health Mobile Apps

  • Senior citizens have a different variety of medicines to take each day. While trained nurses can help them stay on top of their medication, an alternative option can be used that allows seniors to be independent in the absence of nurses. This piece of tech is found in your smartphone and they are called health-based mobile apps. You can find a lot of them inside the play store or app store. One of these apps acts as an alarm clock, which notifies seniors to take their meds by using sound or vibration. Apps like Tabtime and Medisafe are two of the few dependable mobile apps that are essential for senior citizens.
  1. Voice Assistants

  • Devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo can serve so much more than playing your favorite tunes or answer your questions. These devices are useful for assisted living communities where senior citizens can:
  • Feel more connected
  • Become independent
  • Set reminders
  • Improve mobility
  • Guided by Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, these virtual assistant devices can help seniors live an easy and convenient life.



With more and more people entering their retirement years, technology continues to grow to make assisted living accessible and easier for everyone. Thanks to these technological advances, spending your remaining years have never become easier.