Types of Horticulture You Must Know!


Art and science always get along well, and Horticulture is one of the best examples. Horticulture is the art of making arrangements with plants and flower. The plants are grown, and the vegetation is made in such a way that they are attractive and look like floral arrangements. The art of horticulture is not easy. There are a lot of requirements and procedures in order to carry out horticulture. Since there are different types of horticulture, the requirements also keep changing so here are some of the types of horticulture. Let us see them in detail.


Floriculture is also known as flower farming. This is one of the major types of horticulture that we get to see largely all around and a considerable lot of us will always think that horticulture is always about flowers. But Floriculture is only one division of horticulture. Floriculture is the art of arranging, growing and decorating plants in such a way that they look beautiful and attractive. This type of horticulture is exclusively made up of flowers and majorly found in nurseries as well.



Looks like something to do with pomegranate right? Not only does it sound like that but it is true to an extent as well. Pomology has something to do with fruits. Just like we have floriculture for flowers, pomology is for fruits. While one part of the world call it fruticulture, the rest call it pomology. Though now it is a part of both science and art, pomology was developed in the United States only to inculcate the sense of protection and development of orchids.

Plant Propagation:

Apart from the fruit-bearing plants, flowers and vegetables, there is a large range of other small plants shrubs, saplings, seeds, cuttings and bulbs. This type of art is specifically dedicated to them. All these small type plants and few other significant plants are also cross bred to make it look innovative and different. A lot of commoner along with the people of science believe that it is this plant propagation that led to the development of cross breed plants.


When you have different divisions for plants, flowers and fruits, it isn’t fair to let go off vegetable, and that is why we have olericulture. Olericulture is that part of horticulture that works on vegetable art. Apart from growing plant to form that vegetation as art, they also have artworks done after the vegetable are cut down. Olericulture, though has a bit strange name, is practised worldwide.

Landscape Horticulture:

Landscape horticulture is nothing but landscape gardening. It is also said to be one of the means of developing the growth of landscape plants, crops and vegetation. In landscape horticulture, only the landscape plants are specifically selected and grown. This is one branch of horticulture that even a lot of homemakers are interested in. You can have a landscape gardening at home, and it looks really beautiful.