6 Essential Oils That’s Great for Your Hair and Skin

A lot of companies in the market today is getting more competitive than ever. The only problem in the competition today is that whenever a good product came up and gain popularity, some companies will enter the scene to ruin the successfully created demand of such. That’s why some products today are sometimes overlooked and doesn’t get the demand it deserves. An example of this is natural oils. Natural oils have a lot of skin and beauty benefits that other cosmetic companies seem to ruin. These companies use false advertising to claim the benefits of natural oils into their products.

But don’t be fooled by these. You must learn how to differentiate artificial hair products and natural hair products to avoid harm. So what are these essential oil products that are best for your hair and skin? Below, we listed six essential oil products and why you should use them.

  1. Coconut Oil

  • If you have an unhealthy scalp, then the coconut oil is all you need. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties from its lauric acid and capric acid components. These fatty acids also keep your hair shiny and glowing at the same time. However, most people buy products filled with keratin just to get these benefits. What they didn’t know is that these products were mixed with little coconut oil extract in order to get the desired results. Keratin products can also cause harm too if not used correctly. So it’s better to stick with natural solutions such as the coconut oil.
  1. Lavender

  • Lavender is great for your skin and also for your hair. It has the ability to enrich cellular generation, and this is why lavender is used as a primary ingredient for hair growth to achieve that thick and full looking hair. Lavender is natural and neutral to your skin compared to other hair thickening products. It’s gentle to your scalp unlike minoxidil, and you won’t find yourself itching your head when using it. For that healthy and clean looking scalp, mix lavender with coconut oil and see its amazing results.
  1. Lemongrass

  • This natural oil is great to fight against dandruff. Mixing it with lavender extracts can also improve hair growth too. However, you can’t instantly see results by just applying it once or twice. You have to use it daily to achieve that perfect and healthy looking hair and scalp. Lemongrass also performs well and smells great especially when mixed with lavender.
  1. Tea Tree Natural Oil

  • This one is great not just to increase the quality of your hair, but also for skin smoothing. It may have some drying effects though, but that doesn’t mean that this essential oil is terrible. In fact, it can also be used by pregnant women without any harm. You can also use it as a face mask or day cream to achieve that smooth looking face. It also has anti fungal properties to fight against skin infections such as acne, eczema, and itchiness.


  1. Sweet orange essential oils

  • This type of oil is widely known as a photosensitizer because it improves how your scalp reacts to sunlight. Keep in mind that you don’t have to step outside in the sun immediately once you’re done putting it on your hair to see its results. Give it time, and you’ll see its miracle effects afterward. It’s also perfect for those who have dull and oily hair that’s full of dandruff. Not only it’s good for your hair, but also for your skin too. It can treat skin blemishes such as acne, insect bites, and furuncles. Say goodbye to your toxic perfumes and say hello to sweet orange oil.
  1. Cedarwood oil

  • If hair loss is your concern, then Cedarwood oil is definitely for you. It’s balancing effect can help fight against hair loss and also heals scalp problems too. Just like other oils we’ve mentioned above, it’s also great for your skin because of its antifungal properties that can fight different skin conditions. This oil is best used mixed with coconut oil extracts and other supplementary alternatives for hair growth.